MC for your Conference/Event

A female emcee brings an extra dimension to your event. Your MC should weave your speakers together in an overall story to support your conference theme. You need a productive, bright, multi-tasking MC at the helm.
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Social Media for Events

Delegates are controlling the ‘backchannel’ at your event via Twitter. By undertaking social media ‘on purpose’, you can convert this backchannel to your
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Speaking School: Learn to Speak

Learn to attract, negotiate, craft and deliver speaking engagements which leave a lasting impact. Perfect for bloggers and experts to add to revenue streams.
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Client Testimonials

“…real mental sorbet – refreshing and invigorating. Your contribution to the conference was just invaluable – so energetic and innovative!”

“.. a breath of fresh air…”
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Audio guided brainstorm

Need ideas quickly? You can use this audio piece I created … it is a guided brainstorm. Let me know how you go!

Fancy some Koinonia?

Koinonia (Greek) means ‘spirit of fellowship‘. Einstein and his colleagues spent years freely corresponding and brainstorming with each other. They exchanged and dialogued about ideas. They did this without trying to cha… Read More